Board of Directors
Theresa L. Egan
Executive Deputy Commissioner, NYS Department of Motor Vehicles

Thomas Spina Jr.
Assistant U.S. Attorney

Michael Whiteley
Detective, Bethlehem Police Department

Maureen McLeod, PhD
Sage Colleges Professor

Ex-Officio Member
Hon. John Clarkson
Bethlehem Town Supervisor

Board Members
Dave Doemel
Interim Principal, Bethlehem Central Middle School

Adam Katz
Assistant US Attorney

Jennifer Kilcoyne
President, Bethlehem Chamber of Commerce

Anthony Malizia
Administrative Dean, Bethlehem Central High School

Tina Martin
Albany County Probation Officer

Nancy Maurer
Director, Field Placement Programs, Albany Law School

Jennifer Miller
Albany County Probation Department Retiree

Nick Petraccione
BCSD Supervisor for Social Studies and Business Education

Gene Primomo
Assistant Federal Defender

Pamela Clark Robbins
CEO, Policy Research Associates

Julie Sasso
Bethlehem Town Board Member

Katrina Charland