Samantha Ebersold, Retired Chief Justice Judith
Kaye, Alisa White, and Caitlin Willey
BYC Member, Jordan Gross with
Director, Katrina Charland
Alisa White, winner of the 2013 Judge Jordan
Memorial Award Scholarship, with BYC
Co-Chairperson, Tom Spina.
Graduates of the 2013 Training Program
Richard Sweeney and Gabriela Sanders
Mary Grace Barada, Josh Rosen and Chris Partridge
Laura Hooper, Richard Sweeney, and Gabriela Sanders
Youth Court members have been trained to perform
all of the various courtroom roles: judge, jury
foreperson, clerk, defense advocate,
prosecution/community advocate, and victim

Being a trained member requires an elevated level
of commitment to the Youth Court program.
Members have participated in an extensive training
program and are placed on a rotating schedule and
are expected to carry out their duties in Youth Court,
whereas jurors are not required to participate in the
training and are not on a regular schedule. Jurors
can volunteer as their schedules allow.